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Painting the Wall
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Interior Painting and Decorating

Our high-end painters and decorators work to the highest standards to give you that extra “wow-factor”. We cover all aspects of painting and decorating.

Commercial Painting

Our painting services cover almost all types of commercial properties such as offices, shops, schools, hotels, bars and restaurants. If you’re looking to improve any kind of commercial or industrial space with bespoke painting and decorating projects, get in touch with our team today. We carry out high quality work, serving a wide range of clients. All work is professionally finished, and on budget.

Our service allows your business to maintain it's day to day continuity by offering a predetermined schedule that meets your requirements, albeit through the night, early mornings or even weekends.

Exterior Painting

Our Exterior painting and decorating services include painting, coupled with any woodwork repairs required on doors, soffits and window frames. We have a very good eye for detail and a high standard of work. We use high quality materials to ensure we give you a durable, long lasting finish.

What Our Clients Say

These guys are highly professional painters and decorators. We employed them to finish off some paintwork and to apply final coats to skirting boards, staircase, walls and door frames. There was also some ad-hoc jobs which were carried out. They have good attention to detail and are diligent in the works they carried out. I am so satisfied that I have hired them for some other jobs! I would recommend!

—  Mr Samir P Patel - Harrow

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